Dr. William (Bill) Reynolds, several years ago became burdened about ministers and Christian workers not having the educational advantage of getting a sound fundamental education. With his dream of providing a means of acquiring an education for preachers, the Emmanuel Baptist College and the Emmanuel Baptist Seminary became a reality in 1984.

Meeting in the class room facilities of the Manna Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina under the guidance of  Dr. Gerald Eugene Conn the Pastor of the Church and the Vice President and Academic Dean of the school, the curriculum development soon demanded the formation of The Emmanuel Bible College and the Emmanuel School of Religion.

In 1987 the school was moved to the Wallace Grove Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina and in the summer of 1990 we were established as the Emmanuel Baptist University. The school then purchased the old George Hildebran High School in Connelly Springs, North Carolina and the dream of Dr. Bill Reynolds became a reality.  Emmanuel at that time offered full time on campus studies as a private Christian College.

Thousands of bright, ambitious students have passed through our doors, leaving a bit of themselves behind when they head off to that first calling as a Minister of the Gospel or a Christian Church Worker or Missionary.  We are chartered in the State of North Carolina and we accept students without regard to race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin and we do not discriminate for any reason providing anyone our program of studies.

The main office is located in Wilmington, North Carolina at this time but we are actively searching for land or facilities in Brunswick County, North Carolina for future expansion. Dr. Bill Reynolds' father, William Nathan Reynolds and his grandfather, Robert Lennox Reynolds, were both born in Brunswick County.  

Dr. Bill's son, as a tribute to his father,  would like to see the school anchored somewhere in Brunswick County, NC.


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Patriarch's of Emmanuel Baptist University

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The late,

Dr. Henderson Belk 

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Location and Brief History

Dr. William "Bill" Reynolds, Founder and the 1st President of Emmanuel Baptist University.